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Product Photography
by David Lazarus

In today’s world, image is everything - and nowhere is this more true than in business. As more and more companies shift from physical locations to online storefronts, their products need to be visible, clear and compelling.

A catalogue photography shoot requires a certain level of production and concept to produce images at an industry-standard and resonate with your intended market. Often, these images will be a mix of these two focuses: product or ‘packshots’ documenting the subject, and concept or lifestyle shots intended to emotionally appeal to consumers, showing how the product fits into the lifestyle they desire. Whether your products are fashion, cars, food, accommodation, or even a service, presentation is everything.

Why David?

David Lazarus holds an impressive track record working alongside leading brands and agencies from Cape Town to Paris to New York, providing studio and location photography for commercial and corporate use. Whatever your campaign needs, David has a wealth of experience to deliver quick and cost-effective solutions for every client brief.

Production Facilities

With an in-house studio facility including infinity curve and full lighting setup, product tables and a feature-packed ‘invisible’ ghost mannequin, David Lazarus is a clear choice in providing product and catalog photography for the retailers and service-providers of Cape Town.

The Blue Train | Product Photography by David Lazarus

Commercial photography for luxury brand The Blue Train

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