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David Lazarus is a photographer with a wealth of experience producing high-quality work for corporate and private clients around the world.

David Lazarus has developed a reputation as one of the top photographers in South Africa. Working with leading international brands and celebrities, David offers professional photography to clients around the world and from his Cape Town studio, DLPHOTO. With a wealth of experience in fashion, advertising, weddings, and everything in between, David Lazarus delivers quality results for any brief.

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Born in Durban, South Africa, David Lazarus discovered his creative talent as a conceptualiser and illustrator from an early age. His experiences and time to explore his passions blossomed into graphic design, specialising in brand related assignments from initiation to art direction to presentation. Over the past 15 years as a commercial and fine art photographer, he has developed a reputation as being one of the top photographers in Cape Town in his field.

Gratitude, should be awarded to his mother, who passed this on to him. David expanded his interests into a niche sector of a different, yet related market, producing abstract and commercial works, to designing industrial furniture and frames, raising the eyebrows of international publications such as Lomo, and the accredited Young Blood gallery in Cape Town South Africa.

Being someone able to creatively engage in free flow and flexibility in his work, he shifted his interests to discover his true passion, photography.

Probing between context, concept and visual storytelling, he was passionate about taking photos and looked at it more as something extraordinary than just a job.

He saw taking photographs as being completely different. The art of light, aligned with composition and true expression, expressing photography as an art form. Photographs to him were all about freezing moments in time, something different to any other art form or expressive media.

David has recently moved to Riebeek Kasteel in the Swartland, and enjoys the vibe of its friendly people, who live in this magical place.

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